USB Keyboard in Sneaker Actually Works

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Why anyone would ever put a keyboard on the sole of a pair of sneakers is beyond my realm of logic.

Alas, during this golden age of modding, if you have an idea and you have time, nothing is impossible. Remember the keyboard sewn into a pair of jeans? This USB sneaker keyboard is constructed out of rubber and contains your standard row of QWERTY keys, arrow keys and even a number pad. Judging from the photo, I’d say functionality will likely be impaired.

Now if they make a Bluetooth model, next time we’re sitting in a public park, maybe getting some actual work done on our iPhones and iPads may just work without having to haul around extra docks and keyboards.

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This Perfume Will Make You Smell Like A Library

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I loved books. When I got a computer and connected to the world wide web, the weekend visits to the library declined until I just stopped going entirely. The Kindle and iPad have revived my voracious reading habits. The thing I do miss the most is that distinct smell of millions of books and touched pages that fill the air of a musky library. I’m sure the iPad in ten years will be able to simulate the smell of books, much like it does with the turning of the pages right now, but what about when I have kids?

Children these days don’t know that smell of books–they do all their “research” on Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. Christoper Brosius has just the thing: a perfume that smells like the library. The scent “In the Library” should bring back fond memories of yesteryear when leisure was spent lost in paper and hardbacks, all while being heckled by cranky old librarians to hush up or risk being thrown out. Now you can spray your kid’s iPad, Kindle or whatever device they will be using and let them experience a whiff of good binding.

Brosius’ “In the Library” is available as absolute perfume, water perfume and home spray. Pricing is reasonable from $12 to $65.

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Chinavision’s Throat Mic Shames Your Bluetooth

September 23, 2010 1 comment


Back in the day, Bluetooth earpieces were only for suits–now they’re a dime a dozen. Then the iPhone came and we all started to cock our heads into the little mic that’s built into the included earbuds. If you’re feeling like a run of the mill cookie, cut from the one size fits all mold that Steve Jobs and company shoot for, then maybe Chinavision’s throat mic will get heads turning on the street.

So why would you ever need a throat mic? According to Chinavision, the throat mic can reduce up to 90% of background noise because the mic is just a bunch of sensors that read the vibrations from your throat–making it a great tool in noisy environments.

Here are just a few jobs where the throat mic could come in handy:

  • Construction work
  • Nightclub / bar staff
  • Stadium staff
  • Helicopter staff
  • Racing driver
  • Convertible car owner

My favorite job on the list: Paintball enthusiast!

Less suit and more covert-op, Chinavision’s throat mic plugs into any 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack radios and most walkie talkies. Chinavision’s Throat Mic will set you back $71, but cool has its price.

Via Chinavision

Vacu Vin Cuts Pineapples in One Go

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Have you ever tried cutting a pineapple? No, you probably haven’t. In the ninth grade, I had to make pineapple boats and boy, was slicing them out a pain in the rear. Skip the knife and use Vacu Vin Pineapple Easy Slicer, a stainless steel pineapple peeler. The slicer works very much like a corkscrew. Jam the little doohickey into the pineapple and twist. Twist once for a single slice and keep twisting to carve out the entire pineapple.

Who doesn’t want to save time and money from buying pineapple pre-cut at Whole Foods? For about $17 you can have your very own Pineapple Easy Slicer.

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Attract All The Facebook Attention You Desire With The Magic Wand Scanner

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Your best friend just swapped his party-like-a-rock-star profile pic up on Facebook with one from when he was a little tyke. Suddenly your angled and suave looking profile pic can’t get you the attention you want because all the ladies are too busy “liking” and “awwing” and “sooo cuteee-ing” the hell out of your friend’s little dimples when he was five. So what do you do?

You fight cuteness with a huge dash of adorable using the Magic Wand Scanner made by VuPoint Solutions. Shaped like a portable body scanner, the Magic Wand Scanner is simple and easy to use. Just wave the device over your desired image and voila, its scanned.

The Magic Wand stores all images on a micro SD card (up to 32GB). If you’re worried about resolution, don’t. Two options are available: standard (300 x 300 dpi) and high (600 x 600 dpi). When you’re done scanning your favorite baby photo, plug the Magic Wand through USB to your computer and start stealing those “ooohs” back , because they do rightfully belong to you and not your friend.

Vupoint Solutions via Walyou