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This Perfume Will Make You Smell Like A Library

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I loved books. When I got a computer and connected to the world wide web, the weekend visits to the library declined until I just stopped going entirely. The Kindle and iPad have revived my voracious reading habits. The thing I do miss the most is that distinct smell of millions of books and touched pages that fill the air of a musky library. I’m sure the iPad in ten years will be able to simulate the smell of books, much like it does with the turning of the pages right now, but what about when I have kids?

Children these days don’t know that smell of books–they do all their “research” on Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. Christoper Brosius has just the thing: a perfume that smells like the library. The scent “In the Library” should bring back fond memories of yesteryear when leisure was spent lost in paper and hardbacks, all while being heckled by cranky old librarians to hush up or risk being thrown out. Now you can spray your kid’s iPad, Kindle or whatever device they will be using and let them experience a whiff of good binding.

Brosius’ “In the Library” is available as absolute perfume, water perfume and home spray. Pricing is reasonable from $12 to $65.

Via CB I Hate Perfume